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Albert Einstein, Relativity: The Special and the General Theory


How effective and efficient is your firm's financial crime prevention framework? What areas of improvement exist?
What are the cost savings potentials in operating the framework? How can they be achieved?
How effective and robust are your AML and CFT procedures and processes?
What are the possible impacts on your firm's financial crime prevention framework in case of new standards and regulations?
How up-to-date are your existing solutions and tools you use to monitor, screen and search transactions and customers?

Financial crime prevention together with sound and robust AML and CFT procedures and processes are regulatory musts. Monitoring, screening and searching transactions and customers to detect suspicious activities require sophisticated software solutions but also investments in continuous staff training.

Leveraging and adapting such software solutions to cover both settlement and operational risks add value and protect a firm from loss of funds due to settlement failures with counterparties at risk or due to human error. Lehman Brothers in 2008 showcased how quickly financial institutions can stagger when a major counterparty fails. Even if most of such funds can be recuperated it compensates a firm's costs for AML and CFT screening to some extend.

Experience how mmeli consulting can support you in being best in class in financial crime prevention and operational risk mitigation.



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